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Levi and Calvin

December 27, 2015









Featuring: Levi’s Men’s Wool Motorcycle Jacket /  CK’s Wayferer Sunglasses and Yarn Dye Scarf, Levi’s Larkin Boot.

I have always been a big fan of Calvin Klein and Levi’s. CK is always modern and edgy without overdoing it too much (for the most part) while Levi’s is rugged and manly.  Mix the two and you get a pretty legit out fit. Here in Utah, old man winter has definitely arrived and he’s not messing around this year. I have to say though. While my sister and I strolled the busy Traverse Mountain Outlets  I was not very cold. My hands were frozen solid, but that’s it :) thanks to the scarf and surprisingly warm jacket, I was pretty comfortable while I helped my sister exchange a few things. When finished, we made our way over to Costa Vida for some much needed food. It was a great way to spend a Saturday evening. And to top it off, I headed over to the Lehi Legacy Center where I got to play some Futsal right after I got done with my Mexican feast.  #blessed

-Ephraim Tinoco


Vasa Shoot

December 25, 2015








This was an awesome shoot I did about a year ago with my good friend Nikra. She’s a very talented photographer and you can check some of her work here It was super fun/awkward shooting this in the middle of the gym. This is the gym I’ve been hitting up for the last 3 years. I love the gym and the people there.  However, taking off my shirt in the middle of it was not only weird but it sure ignited some “mad-doggin” looks from a few guys.  I don’t think you can seem them on the pics though :/ Overall it was fun and it made me realize I need to learn the art of keeping a normal face while hoisting or while hanging on a bar doing leg-ups. 

Ephraim Tinoco